The Department of Justice said they will not interfere with A64!

Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the US Department of Justice would allow the marijuana legalization laws in Colorado and Washington to go into effect. ..

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Safety app: Walk or Drive measures user's level of impairment

[Please Note: CheckPlusBalance's name has been changed to Walk or Drive.]  ..

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few seconds, many watches

With so few seconds in a day, you would think I'd need fewer watches! Read Full Article

How many chances?

Some people don't learn after one or two chances.  If they didn't need four or five chances, they would have gotten it sooner!  Your Honor! .. Read Full Article

Huge Problems at the CDPHE State Toxicology Lab.

Breaking News: Huge Problems at the CDPHE State Toxicology Lab. ..

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Want to promote public safety? End the war on marijuana

In the history of the city of Lafayette, Colo., my resignation probably went down as one of the more memorable. I left my position as a municipal court judge in protest of a proposal to increase the penalties for marijuana possession in the city. Some people agreed with my stance, some disagreed, but I suspect the majority of people probably found it frivolous: Did this guy really give up such a powerful position just so he could smoke a doobie in the afternoon? ..

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Leonard Frieling: Elk shooting -- A right to due process

As many who have served on juries know, some things start out looking bad and smelling bad and still do not result in a conviction. First we have the trial, and then, if we have a guilty plea or conviction, then we have the hanging. In the United States, we all have a right to due process. In fact, we gave up lynching at sunrise some years ago. ..

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