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Hot Topics

  • HopeLine® - HopeLine® has already collected over 10 million phones nationwide, while donating over $18 million dollars to domestic violence organizations. It's really a win-win situation for both the environment and victims of domestic violence. Learn More about HopeLine®.
  • The current problems at the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment are shocking, and have deep implications for blood and breath test cases in Colorado, alcohol and drugs. Various reports are on line. has spoken out strongly on this issue.
  • Where to do is just that. A great starting place for general questions.
  • Pubmed has as an astonishing array of scientific studies available. The THC studies alone are over 25,000. This is a POWERFUL tool.
  • ODVSOM Colorado Office of Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Management has the sex offender offense specific treatment guidelines and more.
  • CrimeLynx updated Colorado resources.
  • Las Vegas Retreat for Public Defenders and Public Defender minded people. This CLE program is the most "bang-for-the-buck" legal education, including programming, lodgings, and events, that a criminal defense lawyer could find.
  • Write your Rep for contacting U. S. Representatives.
  • Richard Noble law firm has an EXTENSIVE list of interesting and useful links. Check it out.
  • The "BLUE BOOK" for finding correct forms for all legal citations.
  • CrimeLynx ™ Colorado Research Links by Jerri Merritt is, as always, very useful.
  • is just what its name suggests, including a forum for discussions. (site by Jeralyn Merritt)
  • Write Your Rep for E-mail to U.S. House of Representatives.
  • FedCrimLaw by Punch and Jurist is an award winning site devoted to Federal Criminal Defense.
  • Cybercrime Dept. of Justice website.
  • Findlaw Supreme Court includes briefs and a lot more.
  • Washburn University has a great legal resources site, including states, circuits, and much more.
  • FindForms (enter CRIMINAL in the search box) is devoted to locating legal forms on line. (Civil oriented, but interesting).
  • Iguanalodge proves that there IS life after lawyering. Esteemed criminal defense lawyers Lauren and Toby Cleaver have closed shop in Colorado. They've moved to the Oso Penisula, Costa Rica, where they are looking forward to hosting us at their Bed and Breakfast! This is a premier vacation destination.
  • New York Times has tomorrow's news NOW and free. New York Times loads the next day's edition at 10 pm MST. On Saturday nights, it loads Sunday's paper a little earlier, including the Magazine and op-eds.
  • PeopleSearch is useful for finding addresses, phones, and E-mails.
  • Encyclopedia Britannica is now available in full, FREE, on line.
  • Kumho Tire v Carmichael - US Supreme Court holds that Daubert applies to ALL expert testimony, not just to scientific expert testimony.
  • CERT Virus Advisories is the "horse's mouth" for ACTUAL computer virus information. The Computer Emergency Response Team and Carnegie Mellon's Dept. of Defense funded-computer security team. On 3/27/99, they pronounced that MELISSA is a REAL virus, and not another hoax. MELISSA details.
  • Write Your Representatives from this automated page.
  • 11th Circuit Prosecutorial Misconduct reversal in the Scheer case
  • Colorado Media Outlets has links to newspapers and T.V. stations throughout the state.

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  • Defense Training Institute and John Farnam provide perhaps the best pistol, rifle, and shotgun training in the world. Literally.
  • S.B. 84 has been withdrawn by its sponsers in light of the Columbine School Masacre. This was likely within three days of being on the Governor's desk for signature when the tragedy at Columbine occurred. This would have pre-empted local control of firearms, and made Colorado a uniform "shall issue concealed carry permits" instead of a "may issue" state. A house bill H.B. 1316 was killed by the Senate.
  • Federal Gun Control Amendments,in ASCII.text, or,
  • The N.R.A. website has legal resources included. Charlton Heston's speech to the NRA membership at the Denver 1999 annual meeting is available there in streaming video and streaming audio


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  • is a site with a free sample, and what appears to be a wealth of jury instruction information, language, case law, commentary, and more.

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  • Iguanalodge proves that there IS life after lawyering. Respected criminal defense lawyers Lauren and Toby Cleaver have closed shop in Colorado. They've moved to the Oso Penisula, Costa Rica, where they are looking forward to hosting us at their Bed and Breakfast! This is a premier vacation destination.
  • The Best Books ever Written in the opinion of Lenny Frieling, from "Adventure" to "Shakespeare."

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  • Sex Offender Management Board with links to treatment standards in pdf format from the State, on line. Should be current.
  • Sexually violent predator community notification standards, Colorado Dept. of Corrections, final form, in .pdf
  • Dept. of Justice DNA testing, what all officers should know, and post-conviction DNA testing (see What's New>Publications).
  • Institute for Psychological Therapies has sex assault resources.
  • Open Records has registered sex offenders listed on-line (not including Colorado yet).
  • Young v. Weston, 9th Cir says you cannot jail sexually violent predators for life if the purpose is punishment instead of treatment.
  • HB 99-1260 Pending, juvy sex offender records public, probation may include residential community corrections.
  • HB 98-1088 deals with a variety of issues, including the new rule regarding service of a subpoena duces tecum on parents to subpoena the child, new rules regarding record sealing and related identification information, central registry of restraining orders, and more.
  • HB 98-1177 deal with sex offender registration changes.
  • HB 98-1156 provides for life sentences and life probation for some sex offenders, and much more. The C.R.S. for this is 16-13-801, et. seq.
  • Sex Assault Resource Page
  • Federal Guidelines in final draft for dictating states' compliance with Megan's Law and the Jacob Wetterling Act regarding sex offender registration.

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  • Where to do is just that. A great starting place for general questions.
  • Data Bases Public Records to the general public, including background checks, locations, and the like, small fee per search, comprehensive. Fabulous resources.

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  • Internet Privacy
  • Bob Enzi, Zrod Investigations defendant/witness interviews, locates, process, or general information mining.
  • Write your Rep for contacting U. S. Representatives.
  • Lawyer's Life Coach offers a service which promises to help you be HAPPY in the practice of law
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading and printing .pdf documents, free software.
  • The "BLUE BOOK" for finding correct forms for all legal citations.
  • , and are sites for locating hands-free mobile phone accessories. If you are not "hands-free" in the car already, you really should be. There is just no excuse for driving while holding a cell phone.
  • Casemap free 30 day trial version of case management software.
  • will deliver Italian silk ties for the dapper attorney.
  • Rick Johnson & Assoc. investigators. You must check out the picture on their webpage.
  • Intellicast For Colorado leads to detailed radar, nexrad, etc., for many areas in Colorado. Get to court in one piece!
  • is a full spectrum bi-lingual firm specializing in criminal investigations involving Spanish speaking clients and witnesses. Ten years experience with the Colorado State Public Defender's Office.
  • provides a variety of investigation services, with an emphasis on computer searching, locating, and more.
  • Shopper for price comparisons on just about anything.
  • Priceline is the site for "bidding" on airline and hotel rates.
  • has links to major airlines for price and scheduling, as well as TRIPTRACKER, which permits you to check on the status and arrival time of flights, up to the minute.
  • Email Pager permits wireless e-mail to a small, hand held device, up to 8 pages of text
  • Spotted Horse does courtroom graphics, multimedia presentations, and more.
  • Bindertek makes state of the art binders for trial and case files. They have seriously improved on the three ring binder.
  • Fountain Pen Hospital is a WONDERFUL place to buy pens of all types. Get their catalog.
  • Nibs Re-tipped to repair your favorite fountain pen nibs.
  • Pendemonium Vintage writing collectibles.
  • the Goodman Law Firm showing what can be done with a law firm's website, with some work. Very easy to use links to a lot a legal information. I found the Vermont Court Rules in about a minute using this site. For anyone considering a web site for their firm, this is a must see site.
  • Philly Lawyer jobs page

Treatment Agencies and Treatment