Now that the Farm Bill has legalized Hemp, we are hearing from the FDA. Surely they’ve been preparing for this event for years. The FDA has asserted its authority to meddle in products which are eaten or applied to our bodies. Their role is potentially for the public good and for the public’s protection.

Our current challenge is how to avoid the FDA slowing the legalization process while still doing its job. The answer is quite straight forward. They should present a plan starting with the list of what they think they need to monitor. Then, those items most easily implemented can be implemented the soonest. Those which require changes at the manufacturing end, more complex testing, and in general which require more complications and more expenses can be phased in over time. The time line of phasing in full FDA protection should balance the need for consumer safety and the expenses to and impact on the growing CBD industries.

This same model may work for other medically-beneficial cannabinoids, as we learn what products will be coming to market.