Random Death Penalty for Pot Possession

Pot carries a random death penalty.

The ones we know of already, including :

raids and killings at the wrong address
raids and killings at the site where pot is found, growing or not
dogs shot during search warrant raids, regardless of the outcome of the search

Pot growing and possession is still beings actively investigated and charged in Colorado.

I if a grow is suspected, the house is raided, contaminating it with infected LEOs without hazmat suits. Note that they’ll wear the HAZMAT PPE if a meth lab is suspected, to protect themselves and neighbors. The cops breath on each other. They breath on the suspects, the suspect’s baby, girlfriend, wife and cats and interior surfaces including cabinets, inside and out. Every knob in the house is handled.

The suspects breath on the cops, without masks and without distance. Ever see a LEO cuffing a suspect from 6.5 feet away, wearing a mask and having had the suspect mask-up and wash hands first Either of them?

When were the cuffs last disinfected? The pistol? The M-16, the back seat of the police cruiser? the holding cell, the counter at the jail control module? the pens in the pen cup on the jail intake counter?

Then, if not bonded, the suspect, still innocent unless proven guilty, is in the HIGH infection risk of the jail. The jail staff did not sign up for this type of life-threatening risk. The State and US Constitution forbids it in numerous ways including violating the presumption of innocence.

SO, to take down a grow, or to investigate a grow or mere possession, LEOs expose entire families, regardless of the outcome of the ultimate case, if there even is a case and conviction. The families, and perhaps their pets, pose a risk of infection to the LEOs.

Please tell me how that makes any sense??

In law, we talk of a “lessor of evils” defense. Is it worse to grow pot or to die doing your job? Is it worse to grow pot or to expose LEOs to a deadly virus? Is it worse to grow pot than it is to expose Sheriffs and other jail personal and other inmates, whether convicted or still presumed innocent, to a random death penalty by torturous germ warfare?


Lenny Frieling